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Use of Credit Card
Use of Credit Card

10 Best Way to Use a Credit Card

What are the different ways in which you’ve used your credit card till now ?


Online shopping, for eating out, at the restaurant, to buy holiday gifts, filling fuel in your car, while traveling etc. are the usual necessities for which we rampantly use the Credit Card. But there are still other ways in which you could use to save up that extra buck. As debit card charges were presented throughout the fall, its a matter of question would Americans begin reusing their Credit card much more than in the past.

The country’s biggest credit-card manufacturer reported that USA whole payments volume boosted to 10 % year-over-year, led by a 15 % enhancement in credit payments and a boost of 7 % in debit payments.

Paying up for construction work with a credit card does seem an odd proposition, doesn’t it? Yes it does seem you don’t know how to use it tactfully. As usual, you can pay your contractor with real cash or check. These days, many contractors are also agreeing to accept payments for building permits and other construction works.

Here I listed 10 ways why you should use Credit Card:


1.For Paying Childbirth Bills

From all the unlikely situations for using your credit card, maternity bills payment is something that you might really find an unexpected treat! Imagine paying up all those high pregnancy bills of your wife! That can be quite a big relief. Apart from pregnancy bills you could use the credit card to pay up adult therapists and health clubs.

2.For Paying Adoption Agencies

Paying up the adoption agency fee with your credit card is something that you might not have thought of till now. You can pay up the adoption attorney and also the birth mother charges with your credit card.

3.For Paying Up the College Fee of Your Children

Many colleges don’t insist on cash payments. They accept bank checks and also credit cards. So if you think paying in plastic, is the easiest for you, you can always pay up in that. There are no hassles regarding that. These days even schools accept credit card payment right from kindergarten level to the high school level. Many private tutors don’t mind getting paid via credit cards.


4.For Bail in Prisons

This is one of the most uncommon usages of the credit card that I have come to know of! If you’ve offended law some way and want to avoid spending a night in jail, pay up bail money with your credit card! You may not be able to access your bank during the emergency. But you always carry the cash card with you don’t you?


5.For Funerals

Hey! You don’t need money only for living in this world, but also for going out of it! Today, one might have to make arrangements for one’s own funeral! So if you want your mortal remains to be bid farewell in the way you desire during the funeral process, pay up at funeral homes for it . You can also opt for funeral insurance. You need not pay up for yourself but also for any loved one too.


6.For Church Donations

If you want to make some contributions to your church, and are not carrying enough cash to put on the church plate, you can always pay with your credit card. Make direct payments or pay up at websites such as MyChurchDonations.Com or HolyProcessing.com.


7.For Automobile Renting

Many rental vehicle companies will not even take your debit card. If you desire to use your debit card for an automobile leasing, be confirmed they also need credit check.Then just pay with your credit card.


8.To Make Reward for Expansion

Cardholders who use Reward cards make special points, miles, or money back for the shopping that they have done. Those who make money back are recognizing a discount rate on all of their shopping, from 1 % to 2 % on their basic spending to 5 % or even 6 % for shopping from certain incentive classifications of costs.


9. Paying the Hotel Bill

When the representative hotel lady requests your credit or debit card after you entered in, he’s not simply want to identify you; he conceivably placing a hang on your account as a kind of down payment. It ensures that you have ability to pay the hotel bill and stay there safely. It will link up the cash in your bank account if the hold goes on your debit card. Select rather to offer him a credit card.


10. Security

Paying with a credit card makes it much easier to prevent losses from scams. When your debit card is made use of deceptively, the cash is missing out on from your account quickly.

By contrast, when your charge card is made use of deceptively, you aren’t out any cash – you simply alert your card provider of the scams and do not spend for the deals you didn’t make while they dispose the issue.


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