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5 Tips to select best individual health insurance policy

Individual health Insurance is a plan that is bought on an individual or family premise, instead of being conferred by a company or association.

Health Insurance Buying Guide
Health Insurance Buying Guide

Looking after your own health and that of your family is one of the most important things you should do in your life. To lead a happy life keeping good health is number one challenge.

If you are fortunate enough that your employer is providing your health insurance, you don`t have much to worry about, except about maybe getting an extra cover that will provide you with more benefits. When you have to make the choice yourself, however, it becomes necessary to be aware of the benefits health insurance policies offer and which ones are ideal for you and your circumstances.

1. Recognizing the Must haves:

No-one can predict any injury or illnesses that lie ahead. What we do know when we are young is that there is every chance that we will get married and have children. So, make sure that the policy you opt for provides maternity cover because not all of them do. Also, make sure that they cover the prescribed drugs you take on a regular basis. You should be able to check that on the policy`s list of medications.

2. Consider the costs:

As with all other costs in your life, you will have to budget for the cost of your Health Insurance Policy. Even if you prefer the best policy that is available, if you cannot afford the premiums, it is a no go for you. When you are young and healthy, you probably won`t claim as much as would an older person. Consider a policy with a high deductible, as this will reduce your premium. The deductible is the amount you will pay before the benefits kick in. You can take co-pays for expenses such as medical tests or office visits and co-insurance for events such as hospitalization and prescription costs. Remember to check your budget to see whether you can afford these costs.

3. Provider networks:

Many networks have a list of specific providers that they work with. This means that in the event that you use a doctor or specialist that is not on the network`s list (out-of-network care), you will not be covered for those visits or you will be covered for a lower amount. Either choose a plan, which lists your physician of choice or elect to make use of the ones listed by your plan.

4. Annual limits on coverage and services:

There is a limit on an individual policy. As soon as that amount has been exhausted, you are responsible for your own bills. Certain benefits could have their own limits, such as prescriptions, doctors` visits and rehabilitation services. Be sure to take note of those.

5. Dependents:

Children under the age of 19 are covered by your policy and those under the age of 26 without their own health insurance can also be added. This means that if you have children over 19 who are still students and who are dependant on you, they can be covered by your health insurance.

Please take note of the fact that many health policies do not have an annual cap on the amount you have to pay out of your own pocket. Not a good idea. If you have a credit card such as a Barclays credit card you can use it to pay for deductibles or any over the limit expenses.

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